How To Setup Profitable Sachet Water Business In Nigeria And Earn N560,000 Monthly

Nigeria is indeed a blessed country which has a high open market demands for the production of goods and service which are highly required and consumed by her citizens. One of the prominent required commodities which it company products are highly consumed by Nigerians is “Bottled water/ Pure water production business” in Nigeria. And this is because man as part of a living creature can’t do without water, so therefore needs water to survive.

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  1. Success secret of Pure water Business
  2. The implication and legal requirement in pure water business
  3. Production Analysis and his Technique
  4. The secret behind the production of pure water
  5. Precaution and safety guide on production
  6. Strategies of business marketing plan
  7. Factory Identification and marketing plan
  8. Financial Plan and the benefit in the business
  9. Financial Estimate (cost) of the business
  10. Other products.
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