How to Make Money with Plantain Chips Business

Plantain Chips are crunchy Nigerian snacks made with either ripe or unripe plantains. Plantain Chips made with unripe plantains are bright yellow while those made with ripe plantains are deep yellow in colour. It is also known as sweet banana chips it is great and healthy for all ages. Plantain chips production is one of the easiest businesses you can start in Nigeria if you want to generate quick cash. The reasons why plantain chips production business is easy to set up is because plantain chips is a snacks widely eaten by all.

Plantain is an important staple food in Africa and it grows very well in Nigeria.  It is rich in fibre; is a common source of carbohydrates; contains some essential vitamins and minerals and is easily digestible.

Nutritional Facts of Plantain

Calories     –      179

Fat                  – 0 grams (g)

Protein        –   1 g

Carbohydrates      –     48 g

Potassium   –   4 g

Vitamin C    –   27 mg

Vitamin A   –    83 micrograms (ug)

Vitamin B6  –   0.44 mg

Magnesium  –  55 mg

It has been found that the consumption of plantain is good for weight control, high in antioxidant and good for the heart.  It is a versatile vegetable in that it can be consumed in variety  of ways – boiled, roasted, fried and chips.

However, fried plantain may contain amount of cholesterol and saturated fat, especially when prepared with unhealthy oil and may not appeal to the heart-health conscious person.

Thus, if you are considering starting a plantain chip business you will do well to differentiate your product by using quality vegetable oil to prepare it.

Start Up Requirement

The start up capital requirement is low, and you don’t need to rent a shop to start and plantain is readily available in the country, especially in Lagos, South/Middle belt regions of Nigeria.

With an initial start up capital of around #15,000, you can generate an income of at least #10,000 per day when you are able to produce 1,000 packets of plantain chips on daily basis. You can hardly lose money if you invest in plantain chips production, starting a plantain chips business will not be a bad ideal, it is a good source of income.You can hardly lose money if you invest in plantain chips business

Recipe for Making Plantain Chips

Plaintain (ripe and unripe)

Vegetable Oil for frying

Salt to taste

Grinded Ginger (Optional)

Grinded Garlic (Optional)

Grinded Pepper (Optional)


It is a simple process, more like the normal way you fry your plantain for home consumption.

  • Wash the plantain and peel it neatly
  • Using your Vegetable Slicer, slice the plantain into a bowl of water. The water is important because it will help to retain the colour of the plantain
  • Add salt
  • Drain water using a sieve
  • Add other ingredients of choice, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, depending on your recipe .
  • Get your gas cooker ready
  • Heat your vegetable oil in a frying pan
  • Put your sliced plantain in the right quantity in the pan and start frying.
  • Allow to cool and dry and start packing into your branded packaging material.

Useful tips by experienced plantain chips makers

#1        Species of plantain to use – Buy the plantain specie that has low starch.  The Honduras specie is recommended.

#2        Use big and mature plantain. This will not only ensure you get more slices per bunch but also mean your end product will be crispy. If you are using ripe plantain, then it must be firm.

#3        Don’t slice it to be too tick or too thin.  Use the vegetable slicer to get even shape and sizes

#4        Maintain a mild frying temperature range so that the plantain does not burn.

#5        Allow the chips to cool before packing

And I will add my own tip: make sure you prepare your chips in a very clean and hygienic environment


Start Advertising It

You can start by telling your neighbours, collegue in the office showing a sample of your chips. Print a label on ur chips with your company name it, social medias is another good place to market your business.

Have Appealing Business Name

Business Name is the name you want to give your business, it is the name you want to be known, some companies like UAC foods, Gala, Chi Limited, Cakes and Creams e.t.c are names that are popular, unique and appealing.

Any business needs effective marketing to strive properly and If you do it well, there is also an export potential in this plantain chips business.


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