How to insert Ads inside your blogs

You are going to learn the followings from this post:

  • Introduction
  • Install the Advert Platform
  • Create your adverts
  • Creating Ad Groups
  • Post Injection and Page Injection

In this tutorial, we will help you uncover the hidden secret and learn how to add Ads slots into your website without having to write even just a single line of code. At the end of this step by step tutorial, you will be able to add Ad slots to your post content in less than 5 minutes.

Let’s move on:

Install the Advert Platform

We will be using the banner Ads platform called AdRotate in this tutorial. It’s a free advert placement platform for WordPress. There’s a Pro version with many special features, but just the Free version is powerful enough for us to do what we want to do.

With AdRotate you can easily place advertising banners pretty much anywhere on your site while managing almost everything from the easy to use dashboard. No fussing with your themes code if you don’t want to.

Using AdRotate you can easily create your own adverts with basic HTML and/or Javascript code or use adverts from your favorite Ad Server such as, Blind Ferret, Yahoo! Adverts, DFP, AdSense, Chitika, Doubleclick, JuiceAds and many more similar ad servers.

You can install AdRotate just like any other WordPress plugin from your WP-Admin: Login to your WP-Admin > Plugins > Add New > Search for AdRotate > Install > Activate.

Create your adverts

After installing AdRotate, you will see a new item in your WP-Admin left menu – AdRotate.
Please click on AdRotate > Adverts > Add New to create your new advert for your website.

For adding new adverts, this platform supports many Ads types. For example Iframe, Text ads, Image ads or any other most popular script types being used in the advertising industry. Just type in the title, AdCode or other settings which fit with your ads. If you take a look on the right side, there will be some basic example advert codes for you.

Creating Ad Groups – Deciding where your ads will be shown
i. Basic Ad Group setting

The Groups setting is the place where you will group many of your adverts at once. It’s also where you will decide your adverts will be displayed. It’s the final step for this tutorial. Upon finishing creating Ad Groups, your ads can be shown inline post content if you wish to.
Please click on Add New to start creating Ad Groups.
Choose the name for your Ad, the mode: Default – One ad at a time, Block mode – show a block of adverts or Dynamic Mode – show a different ad every few seconds.
In this example, I’ve chosen Dynamic Mode.
Next, we will need to choose Advert size – the size of the block where your Advert will be shown. Let’s say 728 x 90 (the dimension of the Ad that I chose) and I’ll set its automated refresh time is 6 seconds, meaning it will automatically load a new advert in this group for every 6 seconds.
In case you may want to align your ads, you can go to “Align the group” under the Advanced setting.

Post Injection and Page Injection

Post Injection and Page Injection is where your ad will be displayed. It can be displayed in a Widget, before or after content, or both, or even inside the content. Let’s choose Inside the content. Then we will need to choose where exactly do we need to put it – After the middle paragraph, the 1st, the 2nd or the third, or even the eighth paragraphs.

You can also choose to display this Ad Group for which category. If you have a set of adverts about Clothing, you may want to create an Ad Group for the Fashion category and another Ad Group for another category. Or you could just choose for all categories – Select All.

The final step is to choose which adverts will belong to this Group. You will find the “Select adverts” section at the end of the page, and you’ll only need to tick on the advert you want.
After that, click on Save Group to save all the settings you’ve made for this Ad Group. You can go directly to an article of the chosen category to see your result. Thank you.

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