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I together with my team provides consulting business solution to business owners, organization, NGO,  public sector institutions and high net-worth individual in the following areas of engagement:

Business Registration and Incorporation – Let us help with the registration of your business name, incorporation of limited liability companies, churches, mosques, NGOs and trustees. We can also help you secure relevant permits that may be required to enable you operate your business of choice legally in Nigeria.

Post Incorporation Business Activities – We can help you to audit your account, file your account with CAC, FIRS and secure your tax clearance. We can plan your tax effectively and management your relationship with the state and federal revenue.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plan Development – if you are setting up your business in any sector of the economy and require a well articulated business plan and/or feasibility studies suitable for presentation to prospective investors, banks, venture capitals and other fund provides, we are on hand to work with you.

Development of Strategic Plans – We can also help clients develop organizational and policy manuals required for effective operation of their businesses.  These manuals usually extend critical areas like operations, funds management, human capital development, risk management, assets and liability management, IT policy and business continuity policy, amongst others.

Investing Support – do you want to invest in the capital market or money market and need professional guidance? We are here to help. We shall relate with the brokerage firm of your choice and registrars to give you an optimal investing experience. I and my team will conduct relevant research and give you the options based on your goals, conditions and expectations.

Any other Assignment relating to Finance and Business – I and my team are there to partner with you in other to achieve your desires.

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