Don’t Pay Any Tax Until you Read This

Don’t be surprised about the title of this post. It is expected that every responsible individual and corporate body should pay tax as their obligation to the government. There is nobody that does not pay tax in one way or the other either in form of direct taxes or indirect taxes. While direct taxes can be avoided to certain degree, indirect taxes are not easily avoided as individual pays at the point of purchase of taxable items. It is basically a consumption tax.

Government will only tell you to pay your tax or will even penalize you when you don’t pay expected amount or when you delay in making such payment. Do you know that the same government is happy when you over-pay taxes? Even though they know you have over-paid, they will not let you know about this.

That is why it is good to employ a competent tax practitioner who can advise you on the amount which is appropriate to be paid as taxes. A good tax practitioner will even help in tax planning so that you can make some savings without breaking any law. Unfortunately, some individual counts the fee they pay to tax practitioner as additional burden.

A good tax practitioner is never a burden but a partner in progress for you and your business. If you think having a tax practitioner is a burden, it is possible you have not made the right decision. Don’t allow government to ride on your ignorance.

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