Best Ways to Earn Money online by Url Shortening

Meaning Of Url Shortening

Url shortening is a process of shortening a long url in to short one. For example : can be shortened as Url cannot be shortened manually, because it will not work. So, url is shortened through the tool called url shortener.

Types Of Url Shorteners

There are two types of Url Shorteners; 1. Non – advertising url shortner: The non-advertising url shortner is just used for visitors counting and they will not pay you if somebody click the link (Example : Google’s                     2. Advertising url shortner: Advertising url shortners pays you money if somebody clicks the link that is shortened using it.


  • Save space and “beautify” links. Short links look better and are more user friendly. For some types of communications like text messages or Twitter posting it’s crucial to keep links short to leave room for a message (as you probably know a tweet is 140 characters long)
  • Tracking & statistics. Some shorteners give statistics about clicks, impressions and a range of other trackable data.
  • Hide a target URL. When you see a shortened URL, you don’t know where you will land after you click it. So, some people use this to disguise the target URL.
  • Making money. You can earn money each time a short link is clicked!


  • Advertising url shorteners does not pay you simply if someone clicks your shortened url.
  • They pay you for displaying ads in between called as intermission. For example your website is A and the target website is B. When someone clicks a link in A, before they reach B an intermission ad will be displayed for 5 seconds. Once 5 second completes the visitor can continue to the target website using skip ad button.
  • They pay you in terms of eCPM i.e. rate per thousand clicks or impression. For example : If your link receives thousand clicks you will get $10(varies according to geographical locations).
  • Survey ads will have high eCPM.

Different Ways To Earn Money By Shortening Url:

  • You can earn money easily if you own a website.
  • You can earn money even though you don’t have a website.
  • Click the link given at the end to learn about making money through url shortener without owning website and how to earn money through Facebook.
  • You can earn hundreds of dollars through referrals.
  • Once you join a url shortening site. Refer your friends someone to the site. Let them earn for you.
  • The referral commission will vary according to the site.
  • Few sites pays 5 level referral commission. If you refer people to those sites you will commission from referral’s referral, referral’s referral’s referral……

Let’s do simple calculation: So, how much you can earn (if site pays 20% commission)

If you’ve 10 referrals and if each earns $5 per day you will get $1 * 10 = $10 referral commission per day.

If you’ve 100 referrals and if each earns $5 per day you will get $1 * 100 = $100 referral commission.

Now Let’s go deep into the ways to earn through Url Shortening:

  1. Shorten the links in your website:
  • The best and long term way to earn money through url shortner is by shortening the links in your website. This might not work for the people who do not own a website.
  • Url shortener sites will provide bulk shortening script. Just copy that script and place it just above </body>.
  • After placing the script all the links will be converted automatically whenever your website loads and each time when your visitor clicks a link in your website your account will be credited.
  • If you don’t wish to convert all the links use single or multiple links option to shorten the necessary links. After shortening manually replace the links which you’ve shortened.
  1. Social Medias (Facebook, Twitter etc):
  • This is the best and easiest method to earn, but short term. Social media is the place where millions of people browse every day, especially Facebook.
  • Choose a trending topic that your friends like, shorten the url of the website which you’re going to connect. Post it in Facebook or some other social media. Every time your link get a click your account will be credited.
  • If you’ve 500 friends make it attractive that 300 of your friend clicks and 50 of your friends shares it. Your shortened link will go all around the Facebook. If your link gets 1000 clicks you can earn up to $12 i.e. you can earn $0.012 per click depending upon your geographical location.
  • I’ve posted a sample post in my Facebook fan page, see the picture shown below.

Create a group or a fan page:

  • If you wish to earn hundreds of dollars through Facebook. Create a fan page on trending topic (For example: Politics, education, cinemas, local language news, comedies, sports, university, Hollywood etc) the topic you select should never run out of trending news.
  • Edit the page profile photo and cover using photo shop to make it attractive and change it regularly.
  • If you start a page about football/ soccer, make it professional and post topics daily. This will make Facebook members to like your page. Make your fan page larger and larger.
  • Now, start to post topics like about previous match post comments, comments about particular player etc, upload attractive picture manually and link it to the website like, etc. Type the first three lines of the article, type read more/ know more at the end and then paste your shortened link next to it. I’m damn sure that 90% of fans will click it. The click rate depends on how attractive the picture is.
  • The member will be redirected to the destination page if he/she clicks the link or the image. Attractive pictures urges fans to click (For example: Screen shot of a goal).
  • Similarly syllabus, model question papers, tentative exam result announce date, Semester time table will get more clicks.
  • In case of films and cinemas, post about film rating, release date, album release, music download link, film description page, interviews etc. These page will get thousands of fans at no time. But, be true do not cheat or spam.
  • If your page has 10,000 fans. If you get clicks from 5,000 fans your earnings will be up to $0.012 * 5000 = $60 per day. So, your earnings per month will be up to $60 * 30 = $1,800.
  • Many fans will share your post. So, more clicks.
  • Apply the same in other social media sites.

Things to remember about social media posting:

  • If you own a fan page or a group be professional. Don’t make more than 2 post per day. Crowded posts might make fans frustrated.
  • Don’t post too many shortened url. Your social media account might be blocked for spamming.
  • Social media will automatically block most of the url shrotener links except few to prevent spamming.
  1. Leave a link while you comment:
  • If you comment on any blog or website. Leave your shortened website link next to your comment.
  • Your link will not work if you post url only. To make you shortened url work, use the code given below.

<a href=”put your shortened link here” rel=”nofollow”>Type your message here / Anchor text</a>

  • Don’t even miss a single symbol or punctuation, your link might not work if you miss any.
  • The people will click link only based your anchor text. The anchor text will appear (Ex. blue color) like this “shortened url“. Be informative and attractive. The text must be related to the website you place and connect.
  • Please the webmaster with good comments before you place a link. Because they might remove the empty comment with a link.

Things to remember about placing comment:

  • If you post a link successfully you will get earnings for lifetime as long as the link remain in the position.
  • In most case this activity is called as spamming. You will get success only 1 out of 10 comment.
  1. Send shortened links through whats app:
  • Whats app is the no:1 smartphone messenger app. Tons of messages are sent to friends and groups every day. You can use what app as best money making source.
  • To earn more, join several groups which contains more members.
  • Try to find the sources related to the topic of the group every day on internet. Collect the url of a website which contains interesting topic.
  • Shorten the url and send it through what app. Every time someone click the link you account will be filled with money automatically.
  • I think whats app is best than Facebook (excluding fan page) as 100% visitor of your message will click in whats app. Where in Facebook only countable people will click the link if you post it in your account as there will be several best post than yours.
  • Your success totally depends on the landing website quality. The link you send must make your group members and your friends expecting for it daily. Try to send links related to local films, sports, starts etc as these are very interesting topics.
  • You can also create posts in Facebook about something and shorten the link of the Facebook post and send it to whatsapp groups and friends if you cannot find a url of a website daily.
  • Don’t send the links too often. Make sure you send only once and max. twice per day.
  1. Earn extra money by referring your friends:
  • If you feel doing these works is very complex, you can earn without doing anything. Refer your friends using your referral link. The link shortener site will pay you commission for every click your friend generate. 
  • The percentage of referral commission depends on the url shortener you use. It may vary from 5% to 50%.
  • For example: If your friend earns $10 a day you will receive $2 as referral commission (calculated as 20% on average).
  • If you refer 10 people you can earn $20 per day based on your referral performance.
  • And getting referral is easy. Each time when someone clicks the link, above the ad page your referral link will be placed automatically in a image like “Earn money by link shortening”. If someone join by clicking that image he/she will be your referral.

 Recommended Shortening Url 

  1. Clicksfly – Best URL Shortener to Make Money

Clicksfly is one of the best link shrinkers to make money online. It provides the opportunity to shrink URLs and earn money. You can earn on every link you shorten & share up to $150 per 10000 views.
And it is very easy to get started with Clicksfly.

It’s just a three-step process.

  • Create your account
  • Shorten your link
  • Earn money for every visit

Clicksfly is one of the highest paying URL Shortener. Moreover, it comes as a free tool and allows you to shorten links. Best part you get paid when you shorten and share links. Clicksfly features a smart admin panel that allows you to control all the features with a click of a button.

Clicksfly has one of the lowest minimum payouts. You need to earn only $3.00 before you can get paid. They pay through PayPal, Paytm, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and many more.

Clicksfly pays on Net7 Basis. Plus, they offer 24×7 Hr Live Chat Support. It has one of the highest rates in the industry. Plus, Clicksfly also runs a referral program. You can refer your friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life.

  1. URL Shortener to Earn Online is another popular URL Shortener out there. The website allows you to shorten URLs and earn money. Getting started with is very easy.

You have to create an account, shorten your link, and post it to earn money for every visit. is a 100% free tool. runs a referral program wherein you get the opportunity to earn 30% referral bonus. So, you need to spread the word of this great service and earn even more money with your short links. You can refer friends and relatives, and receive 30% of their earning for life.

Some of the key features of are:

  • Featured Admin Panel: Allow you to control all the features with a click of a button
  • You get detailed stats: Analyse and know your audience in detail
  • Highest Rates: It offers the highest rates that stand to be increased gradually
  • API: You can shorten links more quickly with its easy to use API
  • Extensive Support: It offers a dedicated support team
  • Low Minimum Payout: You just have to earn only $1 before you are paid
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Its supports PayPal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, ePayments, Bank Wire, and Payeer
  1. Linkshrink 

Linkshrink URL Shortener Service provides you an opportunity to monetize links that you go on the Internet. The Linkshrink comes as one of the most trusted URL Shortener Service. It provides an advanced reporting system so that you can easily track the performance of your shortened links. You can use Linkshrink to shorten your long URL. With Linkshrink, you can earn anywhere from $3 to $10 per 1000 views.

Linkshrink provides lots of customization options. For example, you can change URL or have some custom message other than the usual “Skip this Ad” message for increasing your link clicks and views on the ad. Linkshrink also offers a flat $25 commission on your referrals. The minimum payout with Linkshrink is $5. It pays you through PayPal, Payza, or Bitcoin.

  1. is another very popular and most trusted URL Shortening Company. The network comes as a user-friendly URL Shortener Service with many creative options for making money by monetizing the links you share. This Modern URL Shortener provides you an opportunity to earn from $5 to $15 per 1000 views for promoting their shortened links.

For WordPress Bloggers, brings its WordPress Plugin which will help you greatly to boost your earnings. has a low minimum payout of $5.

The payment is credited automatically on the 10th of each month. The payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and WebMoney. It also presents a referral earning opportunity wherein you can earn 20% commission on referrals for a lifetime.

  1. FC.LC

FC.LC is another popular URL Shortener site for earning money online. You can shorten URLs and earn money with FC.LC. Moreover, it’s completely free and easy to join.

Getting started is easy. You need to create an account. Shorten your link and post it to start earning money. It’s easy as that. You can start making money from home using this free URL Shortening Tool – FC.LC.

It offers a powerful Admin Panel with which you can control all the features by a mere click of a button. You get detailed stats. It features easy to use API. By far the best thing with this tool is that it offers one of the highest rates. Plus, you have a low minimum payout with FC.LC which is $5.00 only. They pay all users via PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, etc.

They offer CPM rates of as high as $10 for every 1000 views. You can earn more by referring your friends to as they pay a 25% referral bonus whatever your referrals earn. Last but not least; FC.LC has a dedicated support team that is ready to help out always.

  1.– Shortest URL Shortener is another very popular URL Shortening Service for earning money on short links without investing any single $. The shortener pay from $1 to $10 per 1000 views depending upon the different regions. Minimum withdrawal is only $1, and it pays through PayPal, Payoneer, or Payza. So, you have to earn only $1.00 to become eligible to get paid using URL Shortening Service.

Besides the short links, also runs a referral program wherein you can earn 20% commission on referrals for a lifetime. The referral program is one of the best ways to earn even more money with your short links. offers three different account subscriptions, including free option as well as premium options with advanced features.


Perhaps, if you encounter any problems or issues about creating payment account such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer etc. Comment below and get solution immediately.

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