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Delightportal.com is a home to provide quality content to our valued readers. Every contents receives our careful attention to detail and utmost dedication.

delightportal.com is a blog dedicated to disseminate information to friends, associate and general public about Business Ideas, Accounting, Taxation and Health issues.

This blog is powered by  Everdelight Nig. Ltd. This is a futuristic and innovative company that is technologically driven to give best, and only best to her listeners.

The delightportal team comprise of entrepreneurs and professionals in investment management, business management strategy, consulting, accounting, taxation and IT WHO not solely run their own businesses but have worked with quite a range of small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and people to know the requirements of business individuals, whether it is capacity building, strategy design, business planning, systems installation and implementation, accounting and record keeping, investing money, customer acquisition and retention or business thought and market identification.

If you require assistance with practical matters like business plan writing, strategy development, business registration, book keeping outsourcing, taxation advice and management, market research ,or you if you need help with investing in stocks, bonds, treasury bills, etc; feel free to consult with us

I.A Samson

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